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Beating Blue Monday

Normally I don't get too bothered by the phenomenon of "Blue Monday", but this year was different.  Battling the 'Flu from hell had brought me to a low point where I had no energy to do anything but brood.
My mood wasn't helped by a rash of agents and editors proudly announcing on Twitter their new clients and acquisitions.  It was particularly bitter reading enthusiastic announcements from an agent who had just said she didn't want to see more of my novel.
On top of that I was reading posts from some of my target agents, talking about how much they loved reading dark and twisted books.  My heart sank.  This is something I never write, or have any desire to read either.  So this was my already-small list of agents shrinking even more.  Pile on top of the Blues the cold weather, and you have the recipe for a very grumpy me.
I'm naturally optimistic and hopeful, qualities any writer seeking publication needs in spades.  But I have to say that, at the start of …

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