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Changing the landscape

I'm in the middle of editing a novel right now, and I've drawn a detailed map for it so that I could get the characters' journey right.  The only problem is that the text doesn't match up with the map.  Early on in the journey I had my band of characters crossing a river.  It was only about six chapters later, when they are about to cross a second river, that I realised I'd used the wrong river name first time round.
That was easy enough to fix, but dealing with some other landmarks was a little trickier.  I'm writing about big cats who are organised into tribes and who live in cave systems in the mountains which run across most of the continent. There are several tribes, and two long series of mountains, so you'd think  I'd have enough room for everyone.  
I needed to make each tribe's territory large enough to support a  couple of hundred cats.  They're modelled on lions, and hunt in family prides.  Each tribe needed a big enough territory to su…

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