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Forced relationships

This week I've  pushed myself into unfamiliar - and for me, uncomfortable - territory.  I've volunteered to perform two dark stories with T'articulation, which means that I have to write them.  And I resorted to an old trick from my professional work days to create one of them.
There is a technique for generating new ideas called forced relationships.  The idea is to have two lists of things or ideas, to choose one item from each list, and force them to work together.  Often the pair of ideas you're presented with are wildly disparate, and you wonder how the hell you're ever going to force them together, or get them to relate to the topic under consideration.
I thought of this technique while scrolling through social media posts and collecting a curious list of anecdotes and news stories.  There have been a lot of posts in the last week about the mysterious disappearance of an underwater science station.  The usual jokey suggestion was made that aliens had abducted i…

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