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A messy ending

I'm rewriting a novel which I submitted to Gollancz for their open door a few years ago.  I got told that the novel had an intriguing concept, but that it felt unfinished.
Going back to the manuscript now, I completely agree that the ending doesn't work. Not because I haven't written one, but more because I've got the sequence of events leading up to the end in the wrong order.
The big reveal is finding out what's at the heart of the bioships.  My main characters set out on a continent-spanning quest to find that out.  It should be a shocking reveal - except that it's not.  And one of the reasons for that is because it happens about ten chapters from the end.  This is a common problem of mine, getting the Suoreme Ordeal in the wrong place.
After the reveal, I get one of my characters kidnapped - for the second time - which competely diverts the reader's attention from what are supposed to be shocking events.  And the last two chapters are nothing more than waf…

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