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The re-read test

I've been thinking this week about what makes me fall in love with a book.  It's a complicated question, which doesn't have an easy answer.
The broad definition of a book I love is one which has some kind of adventure at its heart.  Happy family saga-style stories would bore me silly.  So that's the first criteria: something bigger than the domestic sphere has to be happening in the book.  The second thing that would bore me would be a  book which was predominantly a romance.  I can cope with romance as a secondary plot, but if it's the main point of the book, well it's not for me.
I think this can be summed up as a book with some kind of movement in it, but it doesn't explain everything.  I've read award-winning fantasies with huge quests at their heart which have left me completely cold.  And I've just finished reading A Memory Called Empire, a book about an ambassador embroiled in court intrigue, which is quite a slow burn at the start.  That's…

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