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A place of personality

 This week I've started writing a completely new novel.  It's something I haven't done for about four years, as I've spent the lockdown period and some time before it rewriting existing manuscripts.   A large part of the action of this new novel will take place on a very large space station.  The station has twenty levels, and I spent several hours yesterday working out what should be on each level. There are some things which are obvious, like life support systems and power supplies which need to go into every compartment.  I figure there'll be thousands of people living on the station, so it's likely that the occasional dispute or fight or other unrest will break out occasionally.  So that led me to decide that there needed to be a security service on every level. So already the shape of the station was starting to emerge, but I needed to discover much more about this place.  People would have to move around between the levels, so I invented a lift system that

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