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Writing through thick and thin

This week has been one of frustrations, things that I couldn't ignore, like my front door suddenly deciding not to lock.  I've had a few of these things lately, forcing me to engage with the real world far too much.  That's something I'm lucky enough not to have to do on a daily basis.
Many published writers have to live this way all the time, squeezing their writing into the gaps between taking the kids to school, dealing with car breakdowns, and tackling pirates illegally downloading their books.  And then there's the day jobs most of them need to go to to make ends meet.  One well-respected mainstream published SF writer recently put out a call on Twitter for funding to stop her losing her house. 
Being a professional writer is a tough job.  And it really is a job.  Chuck out all those ideas you have of swanning about in your ivory tower in total solitude.  They only time you'll get close to that as a professional writer is when you're being left alone to …

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