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Letting the muse speak

 This week has seen me continuing to write my SF novella.  I found when I wrote the fantasy one back in November that the looser plan I had for the story carried me through the narrative well. That was the first time I'd written a longer form piece without having worked out a detailed chapter plan for it first.  Instead I'd wanted to experiment with a looser plan based on Syd Field's three act structure for film scripts.   For novel planning I've long been a fan of a Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey structure, based on Joseph's Campbell's mythology work.  But I felt that, as I was only writing a maximum of 40,000 words, I could afford to start writing with only the bare bones of the story mapped out.  It didn't feel as big a risk. I worked out that Acts One and Three needed to be roughly 7,500 words long, and Act Two roughly 15,000.  I wasn't sure whether my narrative would fit that structure, and when I started writing the novella I sen

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